Florida Family Law Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

Baird Law Group attorney Natalie Baird is a Board Certified attorney in Marital and Family Law, as well as a Supreme Court Certified Mediator for Family Law cases.  Natalie Baird understands the importance of finding the right balance between your needs in a family law matter, the needs of your spouse and children, and any other parties or interests involved.  Dispute resolution, in the form of a mediation or the collaborative divorce process, are important and helpful tools in reaching an agreement to satisfy all parties.  Please review the information provided throughout this site and contact Natalie Baird to schedule a mediation.

Family Law Mediation

Family Law issues will generally lead to mediation as most courts in the State of Florida require the parties to attend mediation prior to a hearing on any matter. Mediation allows both parties an opportunity to make their own decisions for their family and future, rather than leaving the decision to the Family Court judge. Family law mediation provides a level of control over the outcome that is not possible once the case goes to trial and is generally a quicker way to resolve a divorce.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is an effective process that involves both partners working together with a team of legal, financial, and counseling professionals to achieve a lower cost, less traumatic and mutually beneficial agreement.  While each side still retains their own counsel, divorce costs are significantly reduced by having fewer steps, lower court costs, and reduced fees. Unlike contested litigation, this approach works to protect relationships between spouses and, indeed, the entire family. The emphasis on working together rather than working against each other allows for resolution to be agreed upon rather than enforced.

Comprehensive Legal Representation in Florida

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