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Cory A. Baird, Esq., Partner

Cory Baird

Cory’s passion for the law led him to establish the Baird Law Group. Having previously worked for a large firm, he wanted full control over his clients’ cases and the ability to work with them, one-on-one.

A self-starter with Midwestern values, Cory paid for his own education to pursue his calling of practicing law. Cory has experienced many of his clients’ concerns first-hand as he was involved in an automobile accident, which resulted in broken ribs, among other injuries, and suffered the added aggravations of improper credit reporting and debt collector harassment. The experience of previously litigating Personal Injury cases on behalf of insurance companies gives Cory the added advantage of understanding the other side of his clients’ cases and is not intimidated by their tactics.  Cory has an outstanding track record of obtaining exceptional results and his clients, via their testimonials, confirm that he delivers an excellent level of service.

Cory also co-founded Are You Safe, Inc. along with his wife, Natalie, and two of their closest friends.  Are You Safe’s mission is to Advocate, Educate and Empower victims of Domestic Violence. To date, their charity has helped hundreds of victims and their families.

Cory’s areas of practice include Personal Injury, Inadequate Security, Premises Liability, Medical Malpractice, and Bounce House injuries.

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John Curry, Esq., Associate

John Curry

John Curry is an associate at the Baird Law Group. Born in Florida and coming from humble means, John always wanted to become a trial lawyer in order to help regular people assert their rights against businesses and insurance companies.  Paying for his own education, John worked two jobs at a time throughout college and law school. The rigorous experience of working two jobs at a time, combined with a heavy academic workload and numerous extracurricular activities during both his undergraduate and law school career prepared him for understanding the hard work and dedication it takes to obtain the best results for his clients. Despite the heavy workload, John graduated with honors from both of the post-secondary schools he attended. While in law school, John was also selected to be a law clerk at the Columbia County Courthouse for the Third Judicial Circuit of Florida. This experience has proven to be helpful in navigating the often stressful court system.

John’s areas of practice include Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Fair Credit Reporting, Fair Debt Collection, and General Civil Litigation.

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