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Personal Injury Law Firm, Tampa, FL

Baird Law Group is a personal injury law firm in Tampa, FL. Our lawyers understand your personal injury cases and what you are going through. Whether you’ve had a slip and fall or have been hurt in a car accident, you can count on us to help you navigate any issues that may arise.

Personal Injury Law Firm with A Heart

You’ll feel a sense of teamwork and empathy that elevates our practice and makes you feel comfortable that you are in good hands.

Our Mission

Our firm’s mission is to serve our personal injury clients in a professional and competent manner that provides a better life for clients and our team.

Service to Our Personal Injury Clients

When lawyers say they serve their clients, what exactly does that mean to you? Does that mean that they simply guide you through the legal process? Or does that mean that they treat your case as their number one priority? At the Baird Law Group, we treat you the way we would want to be treated. You’ll receive personal attention from a lawyer who actually cares about you.

Caring For You, Aggressively

We feel that being a caring attorney means fighting aggressively for your rights in court. Our lawyers pride themselves on being able to identify with clients while also being competent litigators. We have experience trying numerous jury trials and nonjury trials for clients in many areas of the law.

Our attorneys are ready to fight to protect your rights. We know the law and are able to effectively and powerfully represent your interests.

A Road Map to Success

Dealing with an accident, personal injury, malpractice issue or other legal concern can be a stressful and nerve-wracking experience. Our team understands your concerns and your anxiety, and can help guide you through the legal process, providing you with the answers and support you need.

What Our Personal Injury Law Firm offers:

Experience assessing claims.  The Baird Law Group is experienced with personal injury cases like yours and can tell you whether you should pursue legal action.

No fees or costs unless you recover.   Like most personal injury attorneys, we work for a contingency fee, which means that if you do not win your personal injury case, you will not have to pay any attorney’s fees or costs unless you recover.

Cut through red tape. Our experienced attorneys work through the large amount of paperwork necessary to resolve your claim so that you can move on with your life.

Objectivity.  Our experienced personal injury attorneys can be more objective about your case than you can and will not make an emotional decision.

Alternative dispute resolution.  Our experienced attorneys will know whether or not your dispute can be resolved best through mediation, therefore saving you time, money, and emotional stress.

Experience working with other lawyers.  Our experienced personal injury attorneys can deal most effectively and expediently with opposing counsel.  We have a reputation in our area for outstanding professionalism in our practice.

Experience with insurance companies. Our experienced lawyers know how to work with insurance companies and will not be confused by their tactics or feel pressured to settle for an unsatisfactory amount.

Best settlements. Our personal injury attorneys work hard to reach the best settlements for our clients as early in the litigation process as possible.

Best jury verdicts. If a trial becomes necessary, our personal injury attorneys can zealously represent you in court and work toward achieving the best possible jury verdict in your favor.

If you’re facing a legal issue, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to have a lawyer who has your best interests at heart. The attorneys and legal staff at the Baird Law Group want to help you get through this difficult time.

To learn more about how our firm can help you contact us online or call us at 813-849-2679 to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.