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Traumatic Brain Injury

Tampa Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Unlike many other types of catastrophic injuries, a traumatic brain injury may not be immediately apparent. What may seem at first as a simple head injury may develop into a brain injury that will change the lives of you and your family forever.

At the Baird Law Group, we have seen brain injuries caused by all manner of slips and falls, car wrecks, truck accidents and sport-related injuries, as well as fights, gunshots, and other wounds. If another person was responsible for the accident, you should hold him or her financially liable for your economic losses. To learn more about filing a personal injury claim following a traumatic brain injury, contact one of our attorneys for a free initial consultation.

Brain injuries that were caused by an accident can be classified into the following two broad categories:

  • Hypoxic brain injury: These injuries occur when the oxygen supply to a person’s brain is compromised. Brain damage often occurs if the oxygen supply is stopped for a long enough time.
  • Traumatic brain injury: These types of brain injuries usually occur when a person suffers from blunt force trauma to the brain. These injuries can be caused in a car accident, truck accident, recreational activity or even a fight.

Symptoms of a brain injury can include: seizures, loss of motor function, loss of memory, concussions, and comas. It is very important to seek appropriate medical care when these occur — and to consult a lawyer if another party was responsible for causing them.

The brain is a complex organ that is difficult to treat because doctors lack a full understanding of its anatomy. Chances of recovery are difficult to determine because of this lack of understanding. If a treatment is prescribed, it is often expensive and long-term. You may face a lifetime of treatment to heal your traumatic brain injury. You deserve financial compensation to cover your lost earning capacity and the medical expenses you incur.

Given the extensive costs associated with treating a brain injury, it is easy to see how quickly an insurance policy can be exhausted. At the Baird Law Group, we will file a claim to get you the compensation that you deserve. To learn more about your case, contact one of our lawyers for a free initial consultation.