Alternatives to Designated Drivers

With the holidays upon us we’ll all be attending office and holiday parties at various places in the Tampa Bay area. By now most of us are smart enough to have a designated driver but what about those times that one isn’t available or maybe everyone partakes in the festivities a little too much and imbibes more than they should?

We have assembled a list of alternatives here for your convenience. We have separated it out by those times you have your car and those times you don’t.

When You Have Your Car

1 Designated Driver Alternative Tampa– This is a local service that will pick you and your friends up, drive your car home and let you off safely with your car! How does it work? You call their number, order a ride, a team shows up, you give them the keys and they drive you home. There is a fee associated with it and it’s typically the same as a cab ride.

2 Be My DD– Very much the same service as above, however they do also offer personal driver services as well as team driving for large parties. Car pickup has a base cost of $25 plus mileage. For convenience you can call or download an app from iTunes or Google Play.

3 Sober Ride– This is actually a list put together by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Most of these are driver/car pickup and cost roughly the same as a cab.

4 Zingo Tampa– This is another local service that will meet you and drive you home in your own car. They drive up in a foldable scooter that fits in your trunk and then drive you home. Once at your destination, they get the scooter out and drive off! Pricing runs $10 pickup fee plus $3 per mile.

When You Don’t Have Your Car

1 Uber– By now most of you are aware of Uber. This is an alternative to cab services that provides a less expensive option to cabs. Uber is available most anywhere. It does require downloading an app and adding a credit card for payment. Wait times are usually very short and most drivers are courteous, as they have to get graded by the client in order to continue driving for Uber.

2 Taxi Services– In the Tampa Bay area there is a number of taxi services including Checker, United and Yellow. You can call and they will pick you up and drive you home.

Anyone of these services is much less expensive and less impactful than getting a DUI offense and certainly, less harmful than an accident that causes injury or death.

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