Bicyclist hurt by auto

Bicyclists shouldn’t have to fear for their lives when going for a ride. Unfortunately, the reality is that distracted driving often results in injuries or even death for pedestrians and bicyclists. One moment of texting, changing radio stations or turning to yell at the kids can do irreparable damage to victims who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Although wearing reflective clothing at night, installing front and rear bike lights and sporting a properly functioning bike helmet at all times can drastically reduce the risk of injury while riding a bicycle, even a well-protected bicyclist or pedestrian is usually no match for a two- or three-ton automobile driven by someone who is distracted or performing nonessential activities like texting.

Teens and adults alike sometimes forget that their cars can be deadly weapons. No matter how careful pedestrians and bicyclists may be, they sometimes end up with serious injuries or worse when drivers neglect the responsibility that comes with operating a vehicle. Driving isn’t a right; it’s a privilege that warrants one’s full attention.

Fortunately, those who choose to bicycle or walk have many rights when it comes to their violations of their personal safety while on the streets or sidewalks. Compensation for serious injuries can help victims get on with their lives while lessening the effects of any financial distress experienced as a result of accidents involving cars.

From texting teens to drivers distracted by music or conversation, pedestrians and those riding bicycles face a great deal of risk from the many cars with which they share road space. Paying attention to vehicles on the road, wearing proper protection and obeying street signs can help defend cyclists and walkers defend themselves against the poor driving habits of teens and adults alike.

If the worst-case scenario does occur, victims should contact the competent, hard-working attorneys at the Baird Law Group for a free consultation on seeking compensation for their injuries.

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