Car Accident Fatalities on the Rise in the US

The National Safety Council released a grim report last week, indicating that car accident fatalities in the U.S. rose by five percent during the first six months of 2012. The rise marks the first such increase in the past seven years.

Another report issued by the Governors Highway Association says the data is even more alarming for young teen drivers ages 16 and 17: A 19 percent rise – representing 240 deaths – was reported in this age group during the same time period.

The most common explanation for the increase in roadway fatalities is distracted driving caused by cell phone use and texting. Multiple studies have been conducted showing the dangers of driving when using a cell phone for voice calls and – especially – texting. As a result, many states have instituted laws banning the use of mobile devices while driving.

Despite the actions of lawmakers and stepped-up efforts by law enforcement agencies to crack down on cell use while driving, the number of cell phone-related accidents is still on the rise. While many drivers – especially those who are younger and less experienced – mistakenly believe the dangers of cell phone use while driving are exaggerated, they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, one study shows that the effect of reading a single text is equivalent to driving blind for five seconds.

With more than 300 million cell phones in use in the U.S., it’s not difficult to see why the problem of cell phone-related accidents is so serious. Vehicle accidents can cause significant personal injury – even death – in addition to substantial property damage. Even seemingly small accidents can result in injuries that can have a major impact on an individual’s life and family and put a severe drain on their finances.

Many individuals believe that the insurance company of the driver who causes an accident will readily provide all the compensation needed to cover any and all accident-related costs. Sadly, that is rarely the case. Like any business, insurance companies want to limit their own costs and they have attorneys who work to limit the amount the insurance company will ultimately pay. The only way to ensure you, as a victim, receive the amount you deserve is to have a skilled attorney who will fight for your rights.

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