Each year in the U.S., a cell phone-related car accident occurs every 24 seconds

Florida’s new texting law isn’t even a month old, and already critics are saying it doesn’t go far enough to prevent the dangers of texting while driving. The law, which went into effect on October 1, makes texting while operating a motor vehicle a secondary offense, which means a driver can only be fined for the behavior if they’ve already been pulled over for committing another infraction. In other words, a texting driver cannot be stopped solely because he or she is texting while operating a vehicle. If they are stopped for another reason and it turns out they’ve been texting, the fine for a first offense is a mere $30.

The Florida law also says it’s OK for drivers to text while they’re stopped in traffic, including those few moments while they’re waiting for a traffic light to turn green.  And, under the new law, talking on a cell phone or using a GPS while driving are still legal activities.
While some law enforcement officials said they believe the new law will serve as a deterrent to drivers who are tempted to text, special interest groups and even some lawmakers said they believe the new law is not stringent enough to offer much meaningful effect.
Each year in the U.S., a cell phone-related car accident occurs every 24 seconds, according to data from the National Safety Council – that’s more than 1.3 million cell phone-related accidents each year, and that means that almost a quarter of all motor vehicle crashes that occur annually in the U.S. are attributable to cell phone usage.
Like any motor vehicle accident, a cell-phone related crash can cause serious injuries; in fact, even a so-called minor “fender-bender” can cause nerve damage in the neck and spine that can take months – or longer – to treat and heal. Medical-related costs and loss of wages can be substantial, and as an accident victim, you deserve to be compensated. Having an experienced attorney who understands your rights and who is ready to aggressively represent your interests is vital to making sure you get the compensation you deserve.
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