Every retailer is responsible for the safety of their shoppers

TAMPA, Fla. – The holidays are here, and that means alot of time spent shopping in crowded stores and packed shopping malls. This time of year, it’s not just other holiday shoppers who are blocking the aisles – retailers of all sizes wait for this time of the year to roll out huge displays to ensure they feature as many products as possible. Sure, many holiday displays are so spectacular, it’s worth a trip to the store or mall just to see them. But sometimes, retailers get a little overzealous in their quest to place as many products as possible on the sales floor. When that happens, the chances of a slip and fall increase dramatically.
Slip and fall accidents can occur any time of the year, and not just around the holidays. But when you combine crowds of impatient, distracted shoppers with overcrowded aisles, the risk of accidents naturally increases. And while no one can blame a retailer for wanting to capitalize on the holiday buying frenzy, that doesn’t give any store owner or mall manager an excuse for creating displays that have the potential to be hazardous or unsafe.
Every retailer is responsible for the safety of their shoppers, and when a store owner or manager is negligent in their duty to ensure shoppers enjoy a safe shopping environment, they need to be held accountable for injuries or damages that occur as a result of that negligence.
Slip and fall accidents can cause broken bones, sprains, pulled or torn ligaments or even damage to the neck, head, spine or nerves. Falling on a hard surface can even cause whiplash-like injuries that can take weeks or months of therapy, and sometimes even surgery, to heal.
Of course, an increased risk of slip and fall accidents shouldn’t keep shoppers form enjoying the holiday shopping experience or the often-amazing store displays. But it does you should be a little more vigilant when cruising the aisles to avoid accidents that could end up ruining your holiday season. Taking steps, like wearing comfortable shoes and being mindful of the shoppers around you, can help you avoid some accidents, so can keeping an eye on the aisle in front of you to avoid tripping over stray merchandise.
It also means that if an accident does occur, you need to be just as proactive in protecting yourself. The first step: Hire a lawyer who has experience in pursuing all negligent parties so you get the compensation you deserve.
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