Florida is home to thousands of bicyclists

TAMPA, Fla. – Thanks to an abundance of beautiful, warm weather, Florida is home to thousands of bicyclists, some of whom ride for pleasure and some of whom ride competitively and for sport. Each day, bikes and motor vehicles share the state’s roadways and, because the state legally defines bicycles on the road as vehicles and riders as drivers, they also share the same laws. That means that, just like cars and trucks, bicyclists must stop for red lights and stop signs, must yield the right-of-way when entering a roadway and must ride with the flow of traffic. It also means bicyclists must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

Although they enjoy the same roadways as motor vehicles, many bicyclists fail to realize that they’re subject to many of the same laws. As a result, each year in the Tampa area, pedestrians are injured – sometimes seriously – by collisions with bicycles that fail to stop at crosswalks.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that all pedestrians are off the hook: an alarming number of accidents involving bicycles and pedestrians occur when pedestrians ignore the laws that govern their actions and end up crossing the road at areas where it’s illegal to do so. While law-abiding bikers understand to look out for pedestrians in crosswalks, many people find it more convenient to jaywalk, a very bad (not to mention illegal) habit that can result in serious injuries to both the pedestrian and the bicyclist.

In an accident, both bicyclists and pedestrians have one thing in common: in order to fully protect their rights, they need the services of a good attorney. Bike accidents can cause injuries, both minor and serious, that can result in significant medical costs and can cause loss of income – sometimes for long periods of time. What’s more, falling onto paved roads can cause whiplash-like injuries resulting in nerve damage that can take months – or longer – to heal.

The attorneys at the Baird Law Group have successfully handled many bicycle-pedestrian cases, and they understand the steps that need to be taken to protect the rights of the victim and to aggressively pursue the best possible outcome. In addition to gathering evidence of the accident itself, our staff can also help the victim find the best medical care to help them return to their normal lives.

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