Florida tops the list of boating accidents for the whole country

Florida ranks No. 1 nationwide in both recreational boating accidents and deaths on the water, according to a United States Coast Guard report released in June, 2020. It’s an unfortunate distinction that the state has earned every year since at least 2015. The Florida Keys preserve their spot as the MOST perilous place for boating accidents in the most perilous state.

 According to the Coast Guard’s 2019 Recreational Boating Statistics Report released Wednesday, there were 679 boat accidents in Florida last year. Of those, 55 were fatal, resulting in 62 deaths.

 The report’s authors estimate the accidents caused a total of more than $9.2 million in damage. The Coast Guard report says Florida accounted for 70 boating deaths last year or about 10% of the 701 fatalities, nationally.

Leading causes for boating accidents: Operator inattention or lack of experience

Here are some tips on how to be safe.

  • Wear a life jacket
  • Don’t drink and operate your boat
  • Know the Nautical Rules
  • Don’t boat distracted
  • If you can, have others watching for other boats
  • Make a Float Plan
  • Be courteous to others on the water