Hit-and-run driver killed a Largo skateboarder

CLEARWATER — Police are searching for a hit and run offender in the demise of a Largo skateboarder early Thursday.

Tyler Deremo, 26, was slaughtered when he was struck around 2 a.m. while skating east in roadways on Gulf to Bay Boulevard close to Keen Road, Clearwater police said.

Deremo was later taken to Morton Plant Hospital, where he died from his injuries.

The vehicle in question was headed east when the crash happened. The driver sped away from the area. Witnesses said the driver never hit the brakes before striking the skateboarder.

The vehicle was found not too long after the crash happened, deserted in the 2100 block of Cleveland Street, police said.

Police know who owns the vehicle and the are looking for the public’s assistance in finding the driver.

Anybody with data was approached to call Clearwater Police at 727-562-4242.

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