Holiday shopping: It certainly can take its toll on carefully planned budgets

Holiday shopping: It certainly can take its toll on carefully planned budgets, and it can also wear us out; hit the mall on a really busy day, and it can be enough to make you wish you never got out of bed. But these are just minor, transitory inconveniences: Tighten our financial belts and get to bed an hour or two earlier, and we’re back to normal. For many people, though, there’s a downside to holiday shopping that has much more serious – and longer-lasting – consequences.

Statistics show that accidents in Florida increase sharply during the holiday season as shoppers flock to stores that are often ill-equipped to handle the added influx, in addition to the hazards that can arise as the result of snowy or icy weather. It seems that every year, the news features stories about shoppers who are trampled or otherwise injured during an onslaught of holiday shoppers eager to take advantage of rock-bottom prices. Still others are injured when ice and snow are tracked inside, melting on store floors where they can cause slippery puddles. Ice and snow on the sidewalks and outer steps pose their own hazards.

Although some slip and fall accidents result in little more than a bruise or two, many cause far more serious injuries. In addition to sprains and fractures, the impact of hitting a hard surface like a tile or cement floor or concrete sidewalk can cause whiplash-type injuries that can result in damage to the spine, spinal cord or nerves. Many of these injuries can take a long time to heal and some also may require physical therapy for months afterward.

Of course, the costs associated with treating these injuries can mount rapidly, destroying savings and causing loss of work that can leave families with a significant financial burden. The good news is, when an accident occurs through the negligence of a store or other business, that business may be held liable for paying for the costs associated with your injury. In fact, businesses carry insurance to protect their assets in the event of these types of accidents.

However, just because a business has insurance, that doesn’t mean the insurance company will be cooperative in paying out when a claim is made. What’s more, in some cases more than one business may be responsible. To make sure all responsible parties are held accountable, you need an attorney with the skills and experience to handle your case from beginning to end. While it may be possible to reach a settlement without going to court, ideally you want an attorney who is willing to do all it takes to fully protect your rights.

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