In Florida alone, more than 300 people die each year as the result of drowning

Drownings Claim Two Tampa-area Residents in 30-day Period
MYAKKA CITY, Florida – A 32-year-old Florida man died earlier this month after the swamp buggy he was riding flipped over and submerged in a local pond. The body of the man identified as James Dixon was recovered by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team.

An employee of Manatee County, Dixon was known as a good swimmer and remained with the buggy as it began to submerge and other passengers jumped off. None of the other passengers were harmed in the incident.

The incident is the second area drowning to have occurred in the past 30 days. Last month near Tampa, a pool party hosted by the Pepin Academy of Tampa resulted in tragedy when a 15-year-old student drowned. The drowning occurred at the Temple Terrace Family Recreation Complex at an event that drew an estimated 150 teachers, parents and students. Although several lifeguards were on duty during the event, the young boy slipped beneath the water’s surface unnoticed.

Once the boy was pulled to the surface, lifeguards began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) but were unable to revive the boy. Rescue personnel transported the teenager to Florida Hospital Tampa where he was placed on life support and passed away without regaining consciousness.

Sadly, neither of these cases is uncommon: In Florida alone, more than 300 people die each year as the result of drowning and hundreds more are seriously injured. Near drownings often result in devastating, permanent personal injury and brain damage that can leave the victim in need of a lifetime of costly medical care.

No one expects a fun day at a lake, water park or swimming pool to end in tragedy. Water sports are an attractive recreational option for people of all ages. When the weather is clear, men, women and children find themselves drawn to lakes, rivers, water parks and swimming pools to enjoy hours of relaxation and recreation. However, statistics show that many of these outings result in terrible tragedy that leave some dead or injured.

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