Interstate 4 Closed Due to Truck Accident

Interstate 4 Closed for Hours Due to Tanker Truck Accident

Careless driving is being cited as the cause of a tanker truck accident that closed Interstate 4 in Lakeland for several hours. The incident, which occurred around 5am on the eastbound side of the freeway, resulted in the spillage of thousands of gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel. Due to the spill, the freeway had to be closed for an extended period of time while crews cleaned up the mess. Needless to say, this caused headaches for morning commuters, who had to be routed off the freeway while the mess was being handled.
The good news is that no innocent victims were harmed in the crash. The driver, 33-year-old Lucius Hamilton Lawrence of Winter Garden, has been charged with careless driving. According to highway patrol spokesman Sergeant Steve Gaskins, Lawrence fell asleep while operating the truck, which is owned by Eagle Transport. The truck crashed into a guardrail and then overturned. At that point, it spilled 1,100 gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline onto the interstate. The truck was carrying 8,700 gallons of fuel, so the situation could have actually been a lot worse.

If the incident had occurred during the morning rush hour, innocent drivers could have easily been injured due to the driver’s recklessness. In that case, a skilled attorney would have been in order. A talented Tampa accident attorney could represent a victim of this type of crash to ensure that his rights are fully and completely protected. Drivers should be aware of the fact that insurance companies aren’t technically on their side. In the case of a truck accident that results in a serious injury, it is critical to retain a competent and talented lawyer.

In the immediate aftermath of the accident on I-4, all eastbound lanes were closed. Drivers were routed onto Memorial Boulevard and detoured onto Polk Parkway. Tolls were suspended on the parkway while the interstate was closed. The two inside lanes of eastbound Interstate 4 were reopened in the afternoon, but the outside lane and the ramp to Kathleen Road weren’t reopened until 7 p.m.

Although it’s unfortunate that the accident happened at all, the silver lining is that no innocent drivers were hurt. In fact, the driver only sustained minor injuries, and he was treated at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. All too often, reckless driving on the park of truck drivers results in serious injuries and fatalities. In such instances, it’s not unusual for a legal dispute to arise. However, victims should not attempt to handle these issues on their own. This is where the assistance of an experienced attorney is absolutely priceless. If you or someone you know is injured in a truck accident, make sure to seek competent legal representation right away.

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