Hit-and-run driver killed a Largo skateboarder

CLEARWATER — Police are searching for a hit and run offender in the demise of a Largo skateboarder early Thursday.

Tyler Deremo, 26, was slaughtered when he was struck around 2 a.m. while skating east in roadways on Gulf to Bay Boulevard close to Keen Road, Clearwater police said.

Deremo was later taken to Morton Plant Hospital, where he died from his injuries.

The vehicle in question was headed east when the crash happened. The driver sped away from the area. Witnesses said the driver never hit the brakes before striking the skateboarder.

The vehicle was found not too long after the crash happened, deserted in the 2100 block of Cleveland Street, police said.

Police know who owns the vehicle and the are looking for the public’s assistance in finding the driver.

Anybody with data was approached to call Clearwater Police at 727-562-4242.

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15 Year old killed by drunk driver after car runs out of gas

Recently in Tampa, Florida, A 15 Year old girl was struck and killed by an impaired driver after the vehicle she was in ran out of gas on the Gandy Bridge.

A 20 year old man who was driving the 2008 Silver Infinity Q35 says the car ran out of gas while driving along the Gandy Bridge in Tampa Bay. After pulling over to the left shoulder, the driver told police he could see what looked to be a drunk driver swerving from side to side heading in his direction. He attempted to warn his passengers, a 15 year old girl, a 17 year old girl, and a 20 year old man. That’s when the 28 year old Sebastian Guiterrez crashed into them.

The 15 year old was pinned between the guardrail and the car and killed.

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Pedestrian killed while walking across U.S. 19 in Clearwater

A man from Largo was fatally hit by a car while he was crossing US19 in Clearwater the morning of May 11, 2021. The incident happened around 1:50AM on US Highway 19 near 62nd Street. Florida highway Patrol said the 40 year old man was crossing the southbound lanes of the road when he was hit by a Sedan.

He was rushed to a local hospital and later died from his injuries.

It’s so important to cross roads at designated crosswalks, and only when the indicator light says to processed.

We all need to be careful in the Tampa Bay Area and use some common sense when operating a vehicle and interacting with the road.

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A Jetskier was seriously injured after colliding with a boat 

A Jetskier was seriously injured after colliding with a boat 

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — One man was gravely injured Saturday morning after he collided with the rear of a boat close to the Dunedin Causeway.

As per the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, 56-year-old David Steffano was working a 28-foot Chaparral Bowrider boat not long before 11:30 a.m. going eastward close by the Dunedin Causeway with five individuals on board.

Officers say Steffano saw a Jetski moving at a high velocity from the south toward the north. He told authorities the watercraft had a non-consistent bearing and was worried it would go behind his boat.

Due to busy traffic on the water, Steffano saw the left half of his boat, which is the point at which the individual watercraft hit the rear of his boat, as per representatives. 43 year-old Jose Rivera-Reyes was tossed into the water after striking the boat.

The sheriff’s office said Steffano told authorities he quickly halted his boat and got Rivera-Reyes out of the water and called 911.

The boat, watercraft and everyone involved came to the nearest boat ramp at 343 Causeway Boulevard in Dunedin.

Rivera-Reyes was taken to Mease Hospital in Dunedin with life threatening wounds. No travelers on the Chaparral Bowrider were harmed.

Agents say speed seems, by all accounts, to be a factor in the accident.

An examination concerning the accident is as yet in progress.

No other data has been delivered right now.

Man charged with a DUI – killing a motorcyclist

Hillsborough County Man arrested for DUI

A man was recently charged in a DUI accident that happened back in February. The man, Laramie Vantreeck, was driving his black 2016 Dodge ram in the parking lot of his apartment complex located at Mobbly Bay Apartments in Tampa. Coming the opposite direction was a motorcycle rider. Vantreeck turned in front of the motorcycle list causing the rider to be pinned under the vehicle. Vantreeck did not stop until a witness yelled to him that he was running over a person. The rider was transported to the hospital where he died from his injuries.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputies conducted a field sobriety test and arrested the man. His blood alcohol level turned out to be .149. 

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said “it is extremely disappointing to learn the circumstances that led to the motorcyclist’s death”

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68-year-old Motorcyclist died on Wednesday from wreck on I-75

A 68-year-old Wimauma motorcyclist passed on Wednesday after he collided with the rear of a vehicle that had eased back for traffic on Interstate 75, as indicated by the Florida Highway Patrol.

The accident occurred about 11:21 a.m. on northward I-75 south of the Big Bend Road exit.

The motorcyclist was riding north on the inside lane. In front of him was a vehicle driven by a 79-year-old woman with a 74-year-old male passenger, both from Stroudsburg, Pa. At that point all traffic including the vehicle had slowed.

The motorcyclist didn’t or could not stop in time and collided with the rear of the vehicle, troopers said.

He was tossed from the bike. He was taken to an emergency clinic, where he later died due to his injuries. He was not wearing a helmet, as per the Highway Patrol. The vehicle’s passengers were wearing safety belts and were not harmed.

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Motorcycle crash in Orange County kills 1

One person is dead and another is hospitalized after an accident along South Goldenrod Road close to the intersection at Lake Underhill Road Thursday morning, as indicated by Orange County Fire Rescue. Emergency response said the accident, which occurred at 10:30 a.m., included a motorcycle and a car. As indicated by Florida Highway Patrol, the vehicle was turning onto Goldenrod Road, from SR 408. Simultaneously, Troopers said the motorcyclist was riding northward on Goldenrod.

The car’s driver lost control of his vehicle, hopped the middle median, and stuck the motorcyclist, as per the FHP report. A utility pole was knocked down during the accident. The bike rider, a 38-year-old from Kissimmee, died during the accident, while the other driver, a 26-year-old from Orlando, was not severely harmed. No names have been given out.

The bike rider was not wearing a helmet, as per the report.

FHP said the reason for the wreck is being investigated and charges are forthcoming against the driver of the vehicle.

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Two teens in critical condition after pedestrian accident

Florida Highway Patrol is investigating pedestrians hit while crossing State Road 52 in Hudson. The two teenagers were crossing on a red cross walk sign. The vehicle that hit them had a green light. It is believed the driver could not see the teenagers until it was too late. As we said before it is getting darker earlier and it is imperative that if you are crossing the road, make sure you do it on a designated crosswalk, when it is your turn to cross. We hope that the teenagers recover quickly.

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Man on three-wheeled motorcycle seriously injured in Clearwater hit and run

Recently there was a hit and run of a 3 wheel motorcycle in Clearwater. Police saying one of the drivers involved left the scene. Law enforcement said they found and they are currently interviewing the driver. Please be careful out there, and if you are involved in an accident, do not leave the scene.

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2 pedestrians hit in two days

Two different pedestrians hit in two days. One woman was hit on Thanksgiving eve, on and the morning, after another man was struck during a hit-and-run. Both pedestrians were killed as a result of their injuries. These are terrible stories and far too common. If you’re driving at night, please keep an eye on the road. If you’re crossing the street, make sure you wait for the signal and only cross at signed crosswalks. Please take care everyone.

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This death was in the early morning hours after Thanksgiving

This pedestrian was a victim of a hit and run crash in Land-O-Lakes