Service to Our Clients and Our Community

TAMPA, Fla. – If you’re over 10 years of age, chances are you’ve heard at least one lawyer joke. In fact, simply typing the phrase “lawyer joke” into the Google search box yields almost 20 million results. Type in the phrase “attorney joke” and you’ll be rewarded with about twice that. Likewise, any experienced attorney (or lawyer, if you prefer) has heard his or her share of career-related witticisms. For the most part, attorneys are pretty good sports when they hear the same jokes repeated time and again.
And while having a good sense of humor is critical to helping clients feel at ease during what can be a stressful and even drawn-out legal process, attorneys are also a pretty serious crowd, with serious goals and objectives. At Baird Law Group, we have several goals, and they all boil down to one simple word: Service.
We begin with a deep commitment to providing skilled legal representation to our clients. We understand the legal landscapes of Tampa as well as those of the state and national levels. We’ve successfully represented hundreds of clients and built our practice on an understanding of current legal issues as well as emerging issues that can have a bearing on our clients’ cases.
In addition to offering the best possible legal representation in the Tampa area, we’re also committed to offering caring, individual attention to each of our clients. Every member of the Baird legal team understands how frustrating it can be to navigate the legal process. Unlike many firms that offer cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions to a wide range of clients and legal situations, we truly value our clients and provide the focused, individual attention designed to satisfy each client’s unique needs.
We’re also serious about serving the community where we’re located – not just as a business, but also as an involved member of the community. To meet that goal, we don’t just stay in our offices or the courtroom all day; we also work to make the Tampa area better for everyone who works, plays or lives there, developing positive relationships that help us better understand the clients we serve.
Practicing law is a serious, stressful career choice, but it’s one we embrace fully. And while we may even crack a smile when we hear a joke we haven’t heard 100 times before, that doesn’t mean we don’t take our role – and our deep commitment to our clients – very seriously.
If you need an attorney, we’re ready to serve your needs.  Contact Baird Law Group today at 813-649-2679.