Tampa Motorcycle Safety Tips – Staying Safe on Your Bike

These motorcycle safety tips can help keep you safe while allowing you to enjoy your ride.  While you want to experience the wind in your hair and sun on your shoulders, keep in mind that motorcycle pleasure comes with motorcycle responsibility.

There are some certain motorcycle safety tips and road etiquette rules to follow while on your bike. A healthy knowledge of Florida’s laws, plus a little common sense about motorcycle safety will not take away from the freedom of riding the open road.  Here are a few simple rules that will help you stay safe as you become a true member of the pack:

Three Key Motorcycle Safety Tips:

  1. Give Notice When Passing a Fellow Rider: Most riders know that factors other than  usual road conditions, such as wind,  can affect their travels. Therefore, give plenty of notice and room to other motorists before you change lanes or pass.
  2. Know your hand gestures: Just like cars have signals so do motorcycles. Know them to show your intentions to all on the road, not just other cyclists.
  3. Don’t force the Pace: While riding in a pack of motorcycles has its appeal, if you chose not to, remember you do not have anti-lock brakes, air bags or others similar safety equipment. Maintaining a two-car length distance is the safest way to travel. That way you have plenty of room to react.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for the Novice:

Mark Parco of Tampa Harley Davidson also stresses the following Motorcycle Safety Tips:

  1. Safety is the first priority. He suggests that even the most seasoned riders can stay safe with refresher courses in road training.
  2. Before you mount, check your T-CLOCS—Tires and wheels, Controls, Lights and electric, Oil and other fluids, Chassis, Stands (tire pressure is uber important)
  3. Lastly, wear protective gear. Even with Florida’s loose helmet law, riders can benefit with wearing one along with gloves, long pants and eye protection.

Motorcycle Awareness Month

Here are some fun facts for you in addition to the Motorcycle Safety Tips we’ve already shared.

  1. The first motored-cycle was actually “steam-powered”
  2. 80% of all motorcycle accidents can be prevented by a cyclist’s proper response.
  3. Easy Rider and The Wild One are classic motorcycle films.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) has launched a motorcycle awareness campaign to alter the motoring public to the presences of motorcyclists.