The Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer


When you find yourself in a personal injury accident, there will be a lot of uncertainty and many decisions to make. It is advised to seek immediate attention for any injury sustained in an accident as well as contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Tampa, FL to assist with your case.

Once you’ve decided that you need to hire a personal injury attorney for your case, you will need to decide which lawyer is right for you. Not every attorney is cut from the same cloth, you want an attorney who will take your case personally.

Even if you’ve received a referral from a friend or another lawyer, you should still do your homework. Check the attorney’s qualifications, make sure he or she has enough experience to handle your case by asking these Top 5 Questions to make sure you have the right personal injury attorney to help you.

1. What is their experience? What types of cases do they handle? What types of cases have they been handling throughout their career?

You want an attorney who exclusively practices personal injury claims in Tampa, Florida. Take the time to inquire about the attorney’s background and what types of cases they have handled.

2. Who will you be working with?

Many times a firm’s Lead Attorney will conduct your consultation but ultimately, the client will be working with the Legal Assistant rather than the attorney. If you showed up for surgery and you found out the nurse would be handling the surgery, would you be happy? No, you want the Doctor to handle the surgery. Same goes for the attorney you will be working with to win your case.

3. Has this lawyer handled this specific type of case?

While the attorney may be a personal injury attorney, you should still ask if they have dealt with a case that is similar to yours.

4. Have they gone to trial for this type of case?

If they have dealt with a case similar to yours in the past, you should inquire if the attorney has gone to trial for this type of case. Understand if they went to mediation for the case and how that case was resolved.

5. What do past clients say about the lawyer?

Most attorney’s have testimonials posted on their website, Facebook page, Google, and legal resource sites. It’s important to do your research, ensure the attorney has the reputation they have committed to you.

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