Importance of Boat Safety

Tragic Accident in Redington Shores Highlights Importance of Boat Safety

A recent fatal boating accident at Redington Beach is serving as a tragic reminder of the importance of obeying the law while using personal watercraft. It also comes on the heels of a report stating that Florida leads the nation in boating fatalities and accidents. The incident involved a group of young teenagers that had taken an open fishing boat without the owner’s permission. The group was out on the lake, and each person was apparently taking turns tubing. What started out as a fun afternoon on the lake ended in tragedy, however, when the person operating the boat had a serious error in judgment.

In the state of Florida, people who are under the age of 17 must receive special training and carry a valid photo ID card in order to operate a watercraft. Unfortunately, 15-year-old Brandon Noah, who was operating the fishing boat, had not received any training and did not have the appropriate ID card. As he operated the 23-foot twin-engine boat, 15-year-old Deviny Boese and 16-year-old Sarah Dobbs clung onto an innertube. Tubing is a popular activity on lakes around Florida, but it is very risky as well. Unfortunately for the group, things didn’t go very well.

As Noah steered the boat around the lake and the girls clung onto the innertube, he came a little too close to a dock. Noah tried to avoid the dock, but the tube carrying the girls flipped and then struck it. Both girls were ejected from the tube. Deviny was thrown right into a piling while Sarah was ejected into the water. Immediately afterwards, Noah stopped the boat and attempted to help the two girls. Deviny died from her injuries only a few minutes later, however.

Although the police are still investigating the incident, they have stated that alcohol does not appear to be a factor. Noah has been charged with reckless operation of a vessel resulting in death and has been cited for not having the appropriate ID. This incident is just the latest in what is sure to be many boating fatalities and accidents in the state in 2012. The recent report by the state says it is first in the nation for such incidents. In 2011, there were 742 accidents and 67 fatalities, and Pinellas County ranked sixth.

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