What Is Negligent Security?

Negligent Security law protects the rights of victims who are injured due to violent or criminal acts taking place on someone else’s property. Business owners have a responsibility to make sure that conditions are safe for anyone who might enter his or her establishment or premises.

Negligent Security is outlined as follows: There was a dangerous condition on the property or a danger was foreseeable (ie a history of crime on or near the premises). The owner knew or should have known about it. The owner failed to provide adequate security measures. You were injured because of that failure.

What are some examples of Negligent Security?

Some examples of negligent security measures might be:

  • Failure to respond to emergency situations;
  • Negligent or incompetent security personnel
  • Security guards who do not adequately patrol or otherwise guard the premises;
  • Security cameras or lighting that does not work.
  • Failure to change the locks between tenants, or control the keys
  • Failure to provide full-time security guards as promised in lease agreements
  • Failure to warn the public of increases in criminal activity or other dangerous conditions
  • Poor lighting, broken lights, or burned-out bulbs
  • Broken or weak locks on residential units
  • Broken or distressed window locks
  • Unsecured doors or door frames
  • Broken windows
  • Holes in fencing
  • Defective security gates
  • Poorly trained security staff
  • Shady hiring practices for security, maintenance, managers, and other staff

When should I file a Negligent Security claim?

These and other examples of negligent security can result in serious crimes such as armed robbery, theft, sexual assault, and battery. When you suffer one of these crimes due to insufficient security measures or negligent security staff, you are entitled to seek damages for all medical, monetary, physical, and emotional suffering you face.

Most negligent security claims are filed against businesses and apartment managers. However, these claims can also be filed against owners and managers of shopping complexes, hotels, night clubs, restaurants, bars, and any other property open to the general public.

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