Two large alligators tumble out of SUV after teen driver crashes, Florida cops say

A single-vehicle crash took a unusual flip in Florida when officers arrived to discover two giant alligators “hanging from the rear window of an SUV.”

One of the reptiles was once nonetheless moving, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports.

It took place Dec. 9 in Hardee County, about 70 miles southeast of Tampa, and authorities say two teenagers had been in the Ford Explorer when it crashed.

Details of the incident had been shared Dec. 17 on Facebook by means of the commission, which known as it the “case of the week.”

“When our officer was once requested to help with a automobile accident involving two human beings and two alligators, he wasn’t certain what to expect,” the fee wrote.

“Once on scene, he noticed a 6 ½ -foot and 8-foot-long alligator striking from the rear window of an SUV resting on its side. The officer straight away eliminated them from the car and, simply to be safe, secured their mouths the use of electrical tape.”

Officer Jerod Gadd took the more step due to the fact “one of them was once nevertheless barely moving,” in accordance to his report.

The SUV was once being pushed via an 18-year-old from Hardee County, and he instructed investigators he and a 17-year-old partner had been fishing that morning when alligators commenced chasing their lines.

It was once the youthful of the two young adults who determined to use a giant rock to kill the alligators, officers said. The pair then labored collectively to load them into the returned of the SUV, officers said.

Their aim was once to take the alligators home, officers said. However, it was once now not clear what they meant to do with the carcasses.

Both teenagers had been charged with misdemeanors for taking alligators barring a permit, the file states.

Investigators did no longer say what brought on the SUV to flip over quickly after the teenagers left their fishing spot at the Charlie Creek bridge.