Americans will be taking to the road in record numbers for July 4th holiday

What does this mean for our 4th of July holiday?

It is estimated that Americans will take 42.9 million road trips over the 4th of July weekend this year. Last year, many vacations were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Perhaps as a result of the 2020 lockdown, Americans are opting for road tripping closer to home, rather than an airplane flight to a farther away destination. We are expecting a 24.9% increase in US travelers driving at least 50 miles away from their home. What this means, is there will be much heavier traffic on roadways during the 4th of July holiday.

With so many people on the road, combined with the fact the 4th of July holiday is one of the most dangerous days of the year, we will more than likely see an increase of car accidents. If you are considering taking a road trip like many of your fellow Americans, there are a couple things to remember as you pack up the car and hit the road.

If you are involved in an accident:

If you are seriously injured as a result of the car crash, call 911 and have the ambulance take you to the hospital immediately. Failing to do so could seriously harm any kind of personal injury claim.

Call the police and report the accident, so that later you can get a copy of the police report. Do not admit fault.

If you are able to, pull out your cell phone take photos and videos of the two vehicles.

Report the accident to your insurance company and like previously mentioned, make sure you do not admit fault.

Finally, give us a call to discuss your options.

Let’s try and have a safe Independence Day and take care when on the roads. Safety is all of our responsibilities when we are behind the wheel.

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