Can I sue a store if I fell down?

If you've been hurt at a retail store, or some other type of publicly accessible building or venue, we can help.

Negligence on behalf of a retail store is when basic precautions were not taken and a patron of the business was injured. The most common type of accidents would be considered a trip and fall or slip and fall. 

For the most part, you and I and everyone else feel safe when we are entering a business. Most retail stores are perfectly safe to enter and conduct business. This is because there are laws that require the owner or property manager to take basic steps and provide their customers with a safe shopping experience. Think about it. If a certain store kept getting robbed at gunpoint, chances are their customers would not want to go to that store. More than likely, that store should invest more in security measures to keep themselves in their patron safe.

The same is true for maintaining the actual property itself as well as any kind of equipment that could be accessible to the public.

So now that you're injured, you are probably looking for help with medical expenses and for your pain and suffering. But determining when and how exactly a store is at fault can be difficult. The legal framework surrounding a personal injury case definitely requires the assistance of a trained and qualified personal injury lawyer like us here at Baird Law Group.

We've made it our mission to help our clients receive the most compensation that they are legally entitled to, if it can be proven that the store was negligent in providing a safe and accessible facility. 

There are a couple things you will need to do if you are injured through no fault of your own at a private business.

  1. First of all, if your medical injuries are substantial enough, call 911 and be taken to the emergency room via ambulance. Don't put off getting medical treatment for your injury as this could greatly affect the outcome of your personal injury claim.
  2. Get an incident report from a manager, and do not admit any kind of fault. 
  3. Call us here at Baird Law Group for help.

Us being a personal injury law firm in Tampa, we see easily avoidable accidents all the time in which a simple fixed from a store could have avoided the whole situation. We've seen machines and roofs leaking water onto the floor, we've seen elevators that are malfunctioning, we have even seen assault and robberies that could have been avoided with proper lighting and security cameras. 

Don't try to deal with the store on your own. Stores and businesses have insurance for this exact reason and you deserve to be fairly compensated for your injury. Let us help you. Give us a call to discuss your case and what kind of options you have.


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