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According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, more than 630 boating accidents occurred in Florida in 2014, of which 73 involved fatalities. In 2014, Florida boasted 867,463 registered recreational vessels — more than any other state. People heading out to Florida’s crowded waterways often act with negligence, drinking and driving the boat or ignoring waterway safety rules with tragic results.

If you are involved in a speed boat, sail boat or Jet Ski accident, your injuries can be just as severe as in a car accident. Watercraft offer little protection to drivers or passengers, often resulting in brain injuries or spinal cord damage.

At the Baird Law Group in Tampa, Florida, we represent clients who have been injured in a boat accident resulting from negligence. We understand that being involved in a boating accident has disrupted your personal life. Now you have medical bills you didn’t plan on, you may miss work, and struggle with an injury you didn’t have before the boat accident. Worst of all, you may have lost a loved one because of an intoxicated boater.

Waterway Accidents Caused by Driver Negligence

Many waterway accidents are caused by driver negligence, such as a motorized boat failing to yield the right of way to a sailboat or sea kayak, or failing to use the channel markers. As personal injury attorneys, we see every day how lives are altered by boater carelessness. We urge every Florida boater to stay safe out there. Please take a boating safety course and designate an on-board driver.

Our lawyers represent boaters, personal watercraft riders, water skiers and swimmers injured, and the families of those killed, in negligent boating accidents involving:

  • Collisions with other vessels or fixed objects
  • Falls overboard, capsizing or drowning
  • Water skiing accidents
  • Hitting people in the water
  • Speeding, alcohol use, boat fires and more
  • Unsafe boating practices, such as overloading or improper fueling

We have extensive experience in personal injury law. We can help you pursue compensation for your boat accident injuries no matter where the accident occurred — on intercoastal waterways or on the high seas. We investigate the boat accident thoroughly, getting copies of the accident report and talking to witnesses to determine fault.

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