Can I sue a store if I was injured in the Tampa Bay area?

Can I sue a store if I was injured in the Tampa Bay area?

The answer to the question is probably, yes - but the circumstances surrounding your case need to be analyzed by our personal injury lawyer, Cory Baird of Tampa. Each case is different and brings subtleties to the story of what happened, how you were injured, and the circumstances that caused the incident.

Grocery stores, restaurants, bars and other publicly accessible stores are required by law to provide a safe experience for their customers.

Here's a couple examples of how we are able to help our clients:

Recently, a big box superstore in the Tampa area had a roof leak that went unrepaired. The store knew about the leak and delayed repair, even though customers were walking around in that area. This is a very dangerous situation, and our client slipped and fell down sustaining serious medical injuries. We were able to help get our client a sizeable settlement from the store's insurance company.

Another one of our clients was at a large reputable hotel in Tampa where she encountered a virtual reality vendor. Our client had never used a virtual reality headset before and was excited to try. However, this being her first time, she had no idea of the dangers involved, and was never given any kind of safety instructions. These virtual reality games can be very fun and engaging, however it is very easy to get disoriented, resulting in accidents with people walking into objects and/or falling down. The latter is exactly what happened to our client and she sustained serious injuries that she is still dealing with today. Thankfully, we were able to settle the case with the insurance.

In both cases, thanks to our intervention, the amount offered as settlement to the victims was significantly more than what was offered by the insurance company.

If you were injured and the business did not adequately provide a safe environment for you, their customer, you could potentially have a case where the establishment is held liable for your injuries. In many cases, these injuries could be easily avoidable, had the establishment in the Tampa Bay area followed simple guidelines to protect their patrons. Proving a business to be liable can be a difficult endeavor, and a personal injury case should be handled by a competent and trusted personal personal injury lawyer, like Cory Baird of Tampa.

Please give us a call to discuss your case as quickly as possible, because time is a major factor when trying to settle or take a claim to court. We're here to help you recover funds to help with your recovery, and we only get paid if you do. Let us fight for you.


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