Car accident attorney in Tampa Bay

If you have driven a car in the state of Florida, especially near a populated area like Tampa Bay, it is no surprise to you how dangerous the roads can be. The Tampa Bay area has approximately 3.1 million people and some of the worst statistics for car crashes in the entire country. If you're looking for a car accident injury lawyer, chances are you are looking because you have been in a car crash.

Why does the Tampa Bay area have so many car accidents? Well there are a few reasons. 

Hillsborough county is a crowded area.

There's an estimated 6 million cars on the roads in Hillsborough county. With that many vehicles driving around, there are bound to be more crashes and people being injured. Another reason for so many car accidents in Tampa or Clearwater boils down to distracted drivers. Distracted drivers cause many fatal accidents on our roads, whether it's due to looking at a billboard or using their cell phone while driving. It's unfortunate because most of these car accidents could be avoided if the driver was simply paying attention.

There are many car accident attorneys in the Tampa Bay area, how do you choose the one that is right for you? That's a great question. You may be tempted to call one of these huge law firms advertising on the TV and radio. They claim bigger is better. Size matters. Unfortunately that's not always the case. You could be passed from paralegal to paralegal and never even speak to the attorneys whose face are on the billboards. There's also a very high turnover rate with these law firms. You are just another account to them. We also regularly secure settlements bigger than the other guys.

Here at Baird Law Group, we have one attorney. If you have a question or concern, you can give Cory a call directly or send him an email directly. You won't be given the runaround when requesting to speak to your attorney. 

Cory begin fighting for car crash victims nearly two decades ago following his own personal injury. It's his mission to be the best car accident attorney in Tampa Bay. We are your PERSONAL personal injury Law firm, and we are here to help you with your car accident. Don't allow the insurance companies to take advantage of you. Let us fight for your rights.


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