Do you need a lawyer for your personal injury case?

Personal injuries can change your life. Businesses in Tampa and Clearwater are legally responsible to do everything in their power to keep visitors safe. If you were injured on someone else's property there's a couple things you need to know to make sure that you get the biggest settlement from the insurance company.

#1 Call an experienced personal injury attorney

Cory Baird has made it his mission in life to help people deal and negotiate with the insurance company. In many cases, these companies have thousands of lawyers and adjusters whose main purpose is to not pay you what you deserve for your pain and suffering. Cory will be your advocate when talking to and negotiating with the insurance company. First, you will receive a compensation offer that will more than likely be too low. One tactic that insurances use is to give you a short window to consider the offer before it expires. They want to try to push you into signing the agreement, and legally fulfilling their obligation for as low a dollar amount as possible.

You should never accept a compensation offer without having a personal injury attorney review it. 

#2 Document the scene

If you were injured due to some mechanical failure or slipped on some kind of liquid on the floor, you need to report the injury to the owner or supervising manager right away. If you are seriously injured, it is our advice that you should call 911 and be taken to the hospital. If you are able to, take some photos of the scene and try to document the reason that led to your injury. Ask for an incident report. Don't sign anything saying it was your fault and don't make light of the situation. 

#3 Get medical help

If you do not require an ambulance, go to your doctor as soon as possible so that your injuries can be documented. If you delay seeking a medical professional, this could seriously affect the legitimacy of your claim.

Call us for help

Cory Baird of Baird Law Group is qualified and experienced in the Tampa Bay Area, and he has been helping injured clients for nearly 20 years. If you have been injured either in a car crash or on private property, please give us a call. We are here to help you through this difficult time in your life.