Have you been hurt at a store in Tampa?

Have you been injured in a grocery store or department store? Have you been assaulted while visiting a hotel? Have you been injured due to a fight at a restaurant? Unfortunately, these are all real situations that happen to people everyday in the Tampa Bay area. As personal injury attorneys in the bay area, we see all kinds of injuries, both purposefully and accidentally. Regardless how your injury happened, you could be due compensation for your pain and suffering.

Businesses in the Tampa Bay area and all over Florida are required to provide a certain level of safety and security for their patrons. If an injury were to happen and the business owner did not take proper steps to prevent the situation, they could be held liable for Negligent or Inadequate Security. What this means is they did not rise to the level of providing a safe and secure premises for visitors coming to their establishment.

We have seen it all: department stores failing to fix the leak in a roof, women being assaulted during a stay at hotel, and even VR related injuries when a customer fell down during a game. 

This is why Baird Law Group exists. Any number of injuries can happen at any time. If your injury was due to negligence, you could be due compensation to help pay for things like medical bills and treatment plans. If you were injured due to no fault of your own, it’s only fair that you receive a proper settlement from the insurance company. 

We are here to help you, if you need us. If you have been injured in the Tampa area, please give us a call to review your case. Cory has made it his life mission to help those who have been hurt recover money from the insurance company to help with recovery and getting back to normal life. 

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