Here’s what to do when you have an injury at a business in Tampa or Clearwater

Accidents can happen anywhere anytime. Injuries that happen due to negligence of a business owner are especially concerning. After you are injured, you can have many concerns rolling through your mind. How severely am I injured? Will I be able to work again? How will I pay for this? We’ve assembled the top five things you need to do if you injure yourself at a business.

#1 Seek medical attention first thing

This is the first and most important thing to remember after you are injured. Nothing is more important than your health. Seeking medical attention quickly would help you determine the extent of your injury, and the course going forward to get you on the road to feeling better. It’s also important to make sure your injuries are documented for when you speak to Cory Baird, your personal injury lawyer.

#2 Report the injury to the manager or owner

Report the injury to the store manager or owner of the property in the Tampa Bay area. Do not leave until you get a written accident report from the place the injury happened. Make sure it includes any relevant information, like who was working that day and who the manager was. Your personal injury lawyer will need this information when filing your personal injury claim.

As soon as possible, take pictures of the location where the accident happened. Was there a wet floor sign? Was there a machine that was not working properly, or was there a mechanical problem with a door? Be sure to take pictures of anything relevant.

Put the clothes and the shoes you were wearing in a bag and store everything in a safe place where nothing will happen to them. They might be needed at a later date.

#3 Do not sign anything or admit guilt.

Insurance companies like to pressure people into signing settlements. Do not talk to the insurance company.

Personal injury cases rely on detailed evidence of when and where the injury happened, how it happened, and most importantly, an experienced personal injury lawyer like Cory Baird. You might feel compelled to go to one of those large Lawyer Mills that you see on TV or hear about on the radio. Cory Baird has consistently receives higher settlements and won larger judgments than the huge lawyer firms. You will also be talking directly to your lawyer, every time you pick up the phone or send an email.

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