Here's why the pre-suit phase of your personal injury lawsuit is so important

Pre-suit is the information gathering stage of a personal injury case. Before your personal injury case goes to mediation or trial, there’s some very important pieces of evidence that must be collected and documented in order to maximize your chance of getting an agreeable settlement or a judgment in your favor.

To begin the pre-suit process in Tampa Florida, we will first meet with you to discuss what happened during the car crash that caused your personal injury. It’s important to do this as soon as possible after your car crash so that the memory is still fresh in your mind. Overtime things tend to change and recalling specific facts might be difficult.

After speaking with you to collect information about the accident, we may send an investigator to the scene. The investigator will perform a detailed inquiry about the conditions that led to the crash. They may also talk to other witnesses to gather additional perspective on your car crash. They will also go inspect the vehicles in Tampa, Clearwater, or St Pete and take pictures and collect other evidence to further support your personal injury claim.

Medical records are gathered to document the extent of your injury and your recuperation timeline. This can include collecting x-rays, MRIs, or speaking with doctors. If there is the potential for future required medical care, that will be important to catalog during the investigation.

In the event you are injured in a car crash, you will want to do a few things.

  • Call the police and make a report
  • If you can, pull out your cell phone and take photos and video of your car and the other car to help with the impending investigation.
  • Call Cory Baird immediately because the law limits the amount of time that you are able to file a personal claim lawsuit.

As you can see, pre-suit during a personal injury claim case is vital to planning out your personal injury case. The insurance companies have teams of lawyers backed by ginormous budgets to do one single thing. To keep your settlement low and not give you the compensation you deserve. Cory has spent nearly the past 20 years recovering millions and millions of dollars for his clients from greedy insurance companies. Make no mistake, insurance companies are not a good neighbor, they are not on your side, and you cannot trust them to give you a proper settlement in the event you are injured.

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