Hire Cory Baird for your personal injury in Tampa Florida

So you’ve just been in an automobile accident in Tampa, St. Petersburg, or Clearwater. You are injured, you have medical bills, you are out of work while you heal, and your vehicle needs repair. This is a very daunting time in your life, something that no one should ever have to deal with. You know that you probably need legal help to get through this trying time, but the insurance company is telling you that they have everything covered.

Do not believe them.

The insurance company is out to make money. They do that by making sure that they do not pay you the compensation that you deserve for your pain, injuries, and vehicle repair.

Sure, the insurance company will offer you a compensation settlement, but this amount will probably be lower than you deserve. You might think that you don’t want to be greedy, and you will accept the payout as the best fair amount that you are entitled to. 

Remember you pay insurance in the Tampa Bay area for this exact reason. If you get injured they compensate you a reasonable amount of money to deal with your pain and suffering. Insurance companies have exceedingly huge profit margins and employ thousands of lawyers to try to muscle you into thinking their compensation offer is the best that you can get. Remember, you might be in pain for weeks, months, or possibly years due to the injuries you suffered. In many cases, pain might not even show up for a few weeks or months following your accident. When you sign the compensation offer the insurance company have to you, you’re stuck with that injury, and the insurance company has no more legal responsibility. 

Baird Law Group was formed to represent and defend people against the extremely well-funded and greedy insurance system. In Florida, you are required to pay for car insurance, even if you have never been in a car accident.  They have no shortage of money, and you need to fight for what you deserve. Cory Baird started Baird Law Group after his own personal injury. Following his injury, he decided he wanted to help people who have been injured and need help dealing with the insurance companies.

Cory Baird of Tampa has nearly two decades and has helped thousands of clients in the hour of their need. 

If you have been in a car accident, please give us a call so we can review your case and go over your options. You may be tempted to try calling one of the large lawyer groups that you see on TV commercials and radio ads. Often times, we can help you settle your insurance claim with a much bigger dollar amount than the big guys.

We are here to help. Baird Law Group is a focused team to help you get past your injury and move on with the rest of your life.