Hire Cory Baird for your personal injury in Tampa Florida

About Baird Law Group in Tampa Florida

Cory Baird suffered the same thing you are probably going through right now. A personal injury. After his dealings with the insurance company, he decided to set out and create his own personal injury law firm in Tampa, Florida to help protect people from these giant money sucking companies. These insurance companies in Tampa Florida are not a good neighbor, and you are not necessarily in great hands regardless of what they say in their commercials. 

Insurance companies are only good for one thing, and that’s finding ways to not give you a fair or acceptable settlement. If insurance companies we’re honorable or fair, personal injury lawyers would not be a thing. But this is the reality that we have to face in the Tampa Bay area. 

Cory has been practicing personal injury law for the past two decades. He has helped thousands of clients get through one of the most challenging times in their lives. Thanks to his personal commitment to his clients, Cory has made it possible for injured people to get treatments for their injuries and compensation for their pain and suffering. 

We try to negotiate with the insurance company the best possible settlement as early in the process is possible. This is helpful for our clients because the longer the litigation process takes, the more treatment gets delayed, your vehicle doesn’t get fixed, and your life is unsettled. If we cannot come to an acceptable settlement with your insurance company, we are no stranger to the courtroom. We have excellent jury awarded cases under our belt and we will diligently fight for your best verdict.

If you have been in a car accident or if you’ve been injured at a business in Tampa for clearwater, let us help you. Cory Baird knows how the insurance companies work and he knows how much your personal injury should be compensated for. Insurance companies will often give you a time-sensitive settlement offer which will usually be low. They will try to pressure you into their unacceptable offer. Do not accept their offer without talking to your injury lawyer. Let us help you with the insurance company, do not go it alone. 

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