Tampa Distracted Driver Accident

Distracted Driver Accidents Kill

Distracted driver accidents killed 3,200 Americans in 2013. Cell phone usage accounted for 445 of those fatalities. Talking on a cell phone (hands-free or handheld) while driving poses the same risk as driving with .08 percent blood alcohol content, according to a recent University of Utah study.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, driver distraction is a contributing factor in almost 80 percent of all traffic accidents, leading to serious or fatal injury.

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is defined as taking your focus off the road for two seconds or longer. According to the Department of Transportation, in 2013, 445 deaths were directly related to cell phone usage causing a distracted driver accident. A recent Nielson Mobile survey showed that the average American sends and receives more than 350 text messages per month  Teens between 13 and 17 send and receive more than 1,700 text messages per month, on average. All opportunities for a distracted driver accident.

Involved in a Distracted Driver Accident – Now What

We advise clients to seek medical attention after even a minor accident caused by someone who was texting and driving. The medical report documents your symptoms, the extent of your injuries and appropriate medical treatment. It is also important to take photos of your damaged car and the accident scene. Most importantly, do not talk to anybody but your doctor or an attorney about the distracted driver accident. You could, by mistake, share knowledge that could weaken your case.

Right After the Distracted Driver Accident

If you believe your injuries resulted from an accident involving a distracted driver, please contact our office right away. Phone companies typically keep records of text messages and cell phone calls for only a few days.

If our investigation is delayed, we may lose access to evidence that could strengthen your claim. In some instances, the police do request the time of the texting while they are at the crash site investigating the accident.

After we accept your texting while driving accident claim, we request copies of the accident report so that we have the full picture of what happened, and do not miss any information critical to your claim.

Compensation for Your Losses

If you have been injured in a texting while driving accident, you may be entitled to money damages for your injuries. Fair compensation often includes medical expenses related to the injury, lost wages, pain and suffering due to a head on or rear end collision. The only way you will know you have a valid texting while driving accident claim is to consult with a skilled personal injury lawyer.

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