Slip & Fall, Trip & Fall, and other Personal Injuries

In addition to Baird Law Group being a car crash attorney, our firm also deals with other kinds of personal injuries such as slip and fall/ trip and fall, and other kinds of negligent security situations in Tampa Bay. 

Imagine you were walking through a big box store in Tampa Bay. You unknowingly walk through a puddle of rainwater that is leaking through the roof. Unprepared, you slip and fall down, sustaining multiple injuries to your body. Some might say, well, accidents happen. However, the store knew about the leak but delayed getting it fixed properly. Moreover, the store in question does not take measures to keep visitors away from the site of the water leak. This happens all the time in Tampa unfortunately. We just handled a case very similar to this recently. Not everything is simply a simple accident. In cases like this, willful neglect causes people to be injured, and that's just not acceptable (or lawful).

The State of Florida has laws that every business and publicly accessible place must follow in order to mitigate these kinds of injuries.

It can be difficult to prove neglect in some scenarios, while others are blatantly obvious. These kinds of injuries require a well-trained personal injury lawyer to help analyze the case, and use their extensive experience to get the compensation you deserve. 

Cory Baird is the personal injury lawyer you are looking for. He was in a severe front end car crash two decades ago. Because of this traumatic incident, he has made it his life goal to help as many people get through the pain and uncertainty that can follow a car crash or other kind of personal injury in Tampa.

We can help with all kinds of personal injuries, ranging from car crashes, assaults & theft, and injuries sustained while in a public or private space. We have a strong track record of helping clients get substantially more than the offering from the insurance company. If there's one bit of advice we can give you, do not trust the insurance company in Tampa Bay. Their purpose is to make money off the backs of their clients. Never sign anything from an insurance company until you have had a personal injury lawyer review it first. 

Give us a call to discuss your case. We don't get paid unless you do, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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