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Improper security
It's a sad fact that injuries can happen pretty much anywhere. Even more unfortunate is that oftentimes, an injury can happen due to the neglect of somebody else. What happens then? Are you supposed to just deal with your injury on your own? In the State of Florida, real estate owners and managers are required by law to provide a safe environment for their customers and visitors. Sadly at pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, and hotels in the Tampa Bay area - injuries and assaults happen all the time. Because a reasonable effort is required by the property owners to create a safe environment, Injuries due to neglect or incompetence could make the owner liable for your pain and suffering.

Slip and Fall / Trip and Fall
This is probably the most common form of injury you can get in Tampa or Clearwater. Injuries are commonly due to machine failure, improper facility maintenance, or improper maintenance of the equipment. For example: Mechanical doors should function correctly, walkways need to be clear of debris, and parking space bumpers should be a different color than the pavement. Most of these personal injuries could have been avoided if the owner or real estate manager kept their equipment functioning properly.

Bars, restaurants, and grocery stores are highest on the list of places where patrons could be injured. In the event you are injured while on someone else's property, there are a couple things you could do to help your personal injury case. First, if you are severely injured and need immediate medical help, call an ambulance and get taken to the hospital. Failure to receive medical attention right away could result in you losing your personal injury case in the Tampa Bay area. If possible, pull out your phone and try to take some pictures of the cause of the incident. If there's water on the floor photograph that and where it came from. If there are witnesses that saw the accident happen, get their contact information for future testimony. Notify the manager or owner as well and ask for an incident report. In the event your injury is proven to be due to the failure of the business, they could be held liable for your medical treatment or pain and suffering.

Robbery and assault
We all want to feel safe in our daily travels. And generally speaking, we should all expect a certain level of safety and security when visiting private property such as a restaurant or bar, grocery store, and hotel in Tampa. A dark grocery store parking lot is a prime location where somebody could be assaulted or robbed. The same is true for hotels and motels in the Bay area. In most of these cases, there are some very simple things that owners and managers can do to help foster a safe environment. Simply installing adequate lighting or a quality security system are great deterrents for somebody wanting to commit a crime. Perhaps in an area of high crime, a security company could be hired to help keep patrons safe. 

The Tampa Bay area is a great area for fun and enjoyment. If you are injured due to the neglect of somebody else, it is up to you to take the first steps. Cory Baird of Baird Law Group is here to assist you with your injury. Cory has decades of experience in holding people and businesses responsible for easily avoidable accidents. Don't be a victim, let us consult with you about your case and getting you the medical treatment that you need.



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