Were you attacked at a business in Tampa, Florida?

Have you been robbed or injured on a commercial property in Tampa? Have you suffered sexual assault in a resort or hotel I’m Clearwater beach? We are sorry this has happened to you. These types of injuries happen at a rate that is unacceptable in our modern society.

Business owners and property managers in the State of Florida have a legal obligation to provide adequate security to protect their visitors and customers. In the event a robbery, assault, or injury happen due to the lack of premises security, the business or property owner may be held liable for the lack of adequate safety measures on their premises. If a person in Tampa, Florida were to be robbed in a unlit parking lot, for example, the business could be held liable for any kind of injuries sustained. Generally speaking, it is the responsibility of the property manager or business owner to provide a safe premises and keep visitors safe from harm.

In the event violence happens on private property in Tampa, Clearwater, or St Petersburg, the business owner could be found liable for not providing an adequate amount of security to prevent personal injury, property damage, or death. Business owners in Tampa have a legal responsibility to provide a safe environment for their visitors. A couple simple ways to do this are to provide bright lights on the exterior of the business, high resolution security cameras, security personnel, and other crime prevention deterrence. 

If you have been the victim of a crime while on private property in Tampa, florida, please give us a call to review the details of the incident. If the property owner or manager is found liable, you may be due compensation for the inadequate security of the business.

Cory Baird has helped many of his clients with their injuries that have happened while in a hotel or eating establishments in Tampa, Florida. Cory begin his personal injury firm nearly 20 years ago so that he could help people during these difficult traumatic times in their lives. Don’t remain a victim. Fight back and hold the establishment responsible for your injuries. Give us a call today