Why you should hire me for your personal injury attorney

Cory Baird of Baird Law Group in Tampa Florida

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Tampa can be complicated. Many people think as soon as you hire a lawyer, the insurance companies will pay what you deserve for you personal injury claim. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. Simply securing a personal injury lawyer is not going to make your troubles immediately go away. 

You may be tempted by the TV commercials and the billboards that advertise how large their Law firm is like that is some kind of a good thing. The problem is you may not even talk to a real lawyer, much less the guy or woman that’s on the billboard or in the commercial. Many times you will be dealing with a legal professional or a paralegal. Those firms have way too many clients for the person in charge to deal with every case.  They can also have a pretty high turnover rate, so the person you’re talking to today may not even be there tomorrow. 

The point is, bigger does not always mean better. Now let’s look at how Baird Law Group in Tampa compares to those huge law firms. Whenever you need to talk to me, I am on the other end of the phone. If you send me an email I will probably be the one respond back to you personally. My office staff and I are a small focused team to make sure of only one thing. That you receive the largest compensation you are entitled to from your insurance company. 

Cory Baird has owned and operated Baird Law Group in Tampa since it’s inception 18 years ago. Cory began his personal injury firm as a result of his own personal injury, and the experience of dealing with the insurance company. Insurance companies are in business to do only one thing, make more money. They do that by paying you a little money as legally possible for your pain and suffering. 

Don’t let the insurance company in Tampa Florida take the money that you deserve. We can help you with any kind of personal injury you’ve sustained, from a car crash to a slip and fall. If you need to talk to a competent personal injury lawyer in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or Tampa Florida, please give that’s a call. We are here for you.