You should hire Baird Law Group after your car accident in Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay area is known for it’s high population, one of the largest in the entire state of Florida. That means there’s a lot of cars on the road, and unfortunately, a lot of accidents (or car crashes) every single day. People’s lives are changed forever, whether it is because of careless driving or the driver not focusing on the road, or simply trying to avoid being in their own accident. Thankfully, in Florida, every driver is required to have car insurance when driving on the road.

After your car accident, you may think the other driver is your enemy, but that’s not the case. The actual enemy is the car insurance company. Car insurance companies exist with the sole purpose of making more money for themselves. They may try to trick you into thinking they are a decent neighbor or that you are in good hands. This is absolutely not the case and you should never trust them to give you a fair compensation following your personal injury behind the wheel. Insurance companies in Tampa employ thousands of lawyers to keep the money that you pay them in their own pockets.

Sometimes, following a car crash in the Tampa Bay area, an injury might not even show up for a period of time after your accident. The insurance company knows this and will try to muscle you into signing a compensation payout package. It is our advice you should never sign anything unless you have an attorney review the agreement first. The insurance company employees tactics such as giving you a time sensitive offer that will probably be lower if you wait too long. Rushing into a illegal agreement is never a good thing and Baird Law Group is here to help protect you from such predatory tactics.

Cory Baird of Tampa was in your shoes almost 20 years ago. He suffered his own personal injury which inspired him to start his own personal injury Law firm to help protect people from greedy insurance companies.

Injuries are no joke, and you should never feel bad about getting money to help pay for medical costs, vehicle repair, or pain and suffering. The offer the insurance company gives you will probably be very low, lower than it should be. In Tampa, you know how much it cost to get a car fixed and to go to the hospital. Don’t be stuck paying these bills on your own. Insurance exists for this very reason: to cover your expenses in the event of a life-changing accident.

We’re here to help you deal with the insurance company. We often get higher compensation payouts than the large lawyer groups that you’re familiar with from the radio and TV. Please give us a call to review your case in Tampa Bay.